GMSL2 Repeater

The design of a repeater board helps equalize the GMSL2 interface to extend the usable range from sensor to controller by using Lattice FPGA or can be used as a Power-over-Coax Injector.


  • Automotive industry standard FAKRA connectors
  • GMSL2 with Power-over-Coax
  • Maxim Integrated’s GMSL2 serializer and deserializers
  • Lattice CrossLink FPGA

PCB Info:

  • 6 layers stack-up
  • 382 components
  • 220 nets


Because the board uses Power-over-Coax GMSL, we must create a stack-up that can meet the requirements for both impedance control and current carry.


By working closely with the board manufacturer, we were able to select the optimal stack-up solution that complies with the requirements and lowers the cost.