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Build a brighter future together

We are always seeking for talented and motivated individuals to join our team.

It makes no difference if you have prior knowledge or limited experience with PCB design, as long as you are interested and eager to learn, you are always welcome.

At M’s Technology, you will be surrounded by a highly motivated, skilled team in a welcoming and dynamic workplace.

Our team, with a strong sense of teamwork, is on a journey to work and learn relentlessly to bring our customers’ vision closer to life, and as a result, build a brighter future.

Join our team now, and you too can be a part of that journey.


M’s Technology is committed to compensating our team members for their hard work.

Friendly Atmosphere

Training with Experts

Competitive Salary and Performance Rewards

Social Welfare and Medical Coverage

Company Trip and Activities

Working Opportunities in Japan


What we expect:

– Understanding the basics of electronics.

– Able to read and understand basic digital and analog circuit schematics.

– Able to read technical documents and search for the required information in English.

– Good general computer skills.

– Have the ability to research and self-study.

Nice to have: 

– Knowing any ECAD systems on any level.

– Skills of verbal or written in English or Japanese.

– Knowledge about FPGA, digital/analog circuit design, programming languages.

What you’ll do:

– Analysis of customers’ requirements.

– Place and route simple boards.

– Work closely with senior designers to complete complex boards.

– Documentation creating.

– Constantly learning and practicing in order to become proficient at PCB design.

What we expect:

– 3+ years of experience in PCB design.

– Experience in multi-layers, digital and mixed signals, high-speed PCB design.

– Understanding technologies of PCB manufacturing and assembling.

– Fluency in English.

– Have the ability to research and self-study.

Nice to have: 

– Experience in Signal integrity, Power integrity analysis.

– Skills of verbal or written Japanese.

– Knowledge about FPGA, digital/analog circuit design, programming languages.

– Team management experience.

What you’ll do:

– Evaluations of project scope.

– Design complex high-speed PCB.

– Collaboration with junior designers and library engineers.

– Preparation of data and documentation for manufacturing.

– Studying and implementing of new methodologies and technologies in the field of PCB design.


We believe it is important for students to obtain firsthand experience during their college/university years. That is why we always have an internship program in place. If you are an electrical/electronic/mechatronic engineering student and are interested in PCB design using advanced, industry-standard design software, feel free to send us your application.
※ If you enroll in our internship program, you can use our PCB design tools to work on your graduation thesis.