In-House FPGA Development Board

This FPGA development board was created entirely from scratch by M’s Technology engineers to enhance technical information sharing between several teams (circuit design, PCB design, and FPGA design).

This board’s primary focus is on video processing applications. It can receive images from a DVI port or a camera module directly, process the image using a high-performance FPGA combined with a large capacity DDR buffer memory, and output the image to a DVI port or an LCD panel.


  • AMD (Xilinx ) Virtex-4 FPGA
  • DDR SO-DIMM for expandable memory
  • 1xDVI IN, 1xDVI OUT, LCD I/F with touch control, Camera I/F, USB

PCB Info:

  • Cost-saving 6 layers stack-up
  • 480 components
  • 590 nets


Our team demonstrated a good level of inter-team communication throughout the project. Within a reasonable amount of time, we successfully finished the schematic design, components library, PCB layout, and SI analysis. Our FPGA designer put the board through its tests, and it has since proven to be a valuable teaching tool for novice FPGA designers.