FPGA Accelerator Card

Design a high-end PCIe accelerator card for high-speed networking and fast, high-capacity memory access.


  • Intel (Altera) Arria 10 GX
  • Broadcom ExpressLane PEX8732 PCIe Switch
  • PCIe Gen3 x16
  • 2xQSFP+ (up to 10Gbps x 4 data rate per QSFP+)
  • 2xChannel of 2×144-Mbit QDR-IV SRAM

PCB Info:

  • 16 layers stack-up
  • Interstitial Via Holes (IVHs) technology (Layer 1 to 8 and  9 to 16 drill pair)
  • 1581 components
  • 1095 nets


We were capable of tackling all the technical challenges such as the high current of the FPGA core voltage rail, high pin-count BGA fan out, and FPGA pinout optimization by applying our significant know-how in designing complicated PCBs that implement modern FPGA.

Additionally, we used our software’s concurrent design feature, which enables three of our designers to work on a project simultaneously and reduce design time to fulfill customer requirements timeframe.